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Meet Dipak

After nearly 30 years on active duty as a Navy CAPT. and family doctor, you might expect Dipak Nadkarni to return home, retire and relax.

You don’t know Dipak.

It turns out there’s still a lot to fight for, and this Largo High graduate isn’t about to turn his back on us… the friends and neighbors he grew up with and grew to love.

A Strong History

He may be done with his tours of duty in the U.S. Navy, but he’s far from finished.  

His lifelong desire to serve burns brighter than ever.

Dr. Dipak recognizes the dangers posed by the radical “woke” crowd who seek to infiltrate our schools and indoctrinate our next generation because as a Doctor, Dipak understands that this age is when it is most influenced and formed.

He’s seen what true evil looks like around the world, knows that God has blessed our nation, and he proudly shares his beliefs as a Christian and Conservative.

He cares deeply about his Country, values the rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, and fights for parents and families when the Government reaches beyond its limited role.

Dr. Dipak is much more than a respected Pinellas County physician.  He’s a proud American and concerned citizen.  And like Governor DeSantis, another Navy man and favorite son of Pinellas County, he’s prepared to take on The Left… and fight for what’s right!

Called to serve, Dr. Dipak leans on his Christian faith to reach his professional goals, recover from personal tragedy and bring into shape the fight of his life: Taking on the Far-Left Radicals.

When he’s asked about his background, Dr. Dipak Nadkarni likes to joke that he’s a Cleveland Indian.

That’s partially true.  He was born in northeast Ohio, and his parents are from Mumbai, India.  But Dipak is a red-blooded, true-blue American to his very core.

In fact, he’s a local boy who eventually earned worldwide respect in his chosen career.  He lived his early life on Keene Road before it was widened, extended, and “eminent domain (by local government) took away most of our front yard,” Dipak said.

His father held a doctrate in electrical engineering (navigation smart weapons systems).  His mom was a nurse, while his grandfather and close cousins worked in the medical field, as well.  Dipak and his brothers seemed destined to follow in the family footsteps.  One brother is a retired dentist in Pinellas  Another brother is a doctor is a family physician in Gainesville, FL.  

From the time he entered his teens, Dipak dreamed of helping families as a physician.

He found his calling.  And, at medical school in south Florida, he found his soulmate.

He and Lorraine were grouped with the older students at a university function.  Since both were pursuing family practice – and both were committed to the Navy – they decided to “join forces,” as Dipak puts it.

Their military service took the newlyweds from Guantanamo Bay to a Marine base in Beaufort, SC, where Lorraine was senior medical officer for the drill instructors, and Dipak was the senior medical officer for all the recruits.  Tours in Hawaii and Japan followed before deployment to Kuwait during Operation Enduring Freedom, where Lorraine commanded troops at the Iraqi border.

In the late summer of 2010, while Dipak was serving as senior officer to the Navy secretary in Washington, D.C, Lorraine suffered a seizure.  Doctors discovered an aggressive tumor on the frontal lobe of her brain, which ultimately led to her death in 2014.  They were at the pinnacle of their careers, but Dipak understandably called it “the worst year of my life.”

Lorraine was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.  She and Dipak had been married 21 years.

From personal triumph to unspeakable tragedy, from hard work to hardship, Dipak Nadkarni grew in his faith and leaned on his family for support.

“God has a plan,” Dr. Dipak said.  “Lorraine’s loss was – and still is – painful, but I was put on this earth to serve Him by serving others…. to be His good and faithful servant, as the Bible tells us.

“There’s too much at stake to stop now.”